LSPlayer iFrame SDK

Getting started

When you embed a Littlstar iframe into your website you can include the optional Javascript SDK for interacting with the player and inspecting its state. The consumer must implement the OnLSPlayerFrameReady function in the global scope and ensure that every iframe on the page has a class of 'lsplayer-frame'. Attaching to window is preferred. The player and state objects provide mechanisms for interacting with the iframe API and inspecting its state. If this function is not defined then an error will be thrown. You can inspect the error with your browser's development toolkit console. This function is called when the iframe player is ready to be interacted with. If there are multiple iframes on the page then the function will be called for each providing a player and state object unique to that player frame.

Including the SDK on your web page

You can include the Javascript on your web page by embedding the following HTML in the head of your document.

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="http://360.littlstar.com/ls-player/embed/sdk.js"></script>


function OnLSPlayerFrameReady (player, state) {
  console.log("Player %d is ready", player.id);

  .projection('tiny planet')
  .rotate('y', {value: 0.002, every 100})

  player.on('timeupdate', function () {
    console.log("current time = %d", state.currentTime);