It was barely three months ago. We were all focused on building a platform that allowed users to collect images across multiple social networking sites into a single collection centered atop a hashtag. It was going well, features were being built, others were improving - people were becoming interested - and that’s when it happened. We saw our first 360 video. There are times when an idea needs to be nurtured, given warmth and room to grow. This was not one of those times. The entire team knew instantly that this new immersive medium for experiencing video was about to leave the station whether we were on board or not.

The next morning we were a brand new company. A 360 video company. There was much work to be done. A whole new platform needed to be constructed around our existing architecture. We had not chosen the pivot, it had chosen us - we just needed to strap in for the ride. The sun has risen and set roughly 180 times since that fateful day, and we’ve worked diligently under its constant warmth. We’ve constructed a community around experiences. You can like and dislike videos. You can share them. You can join in the conversation. You can follow other members of the community. All of your favorite and expected features are ready for you to click. But most importantly you can contribute. You can get a camera to record your sphere of influence and then wrap it around every other member of this community.

These features are yours and we can’t wait for you to use them.

Today we are proud to announce the release of this site, our Developer Portal. It is the next step forward in our quest. The job of this piece of our temple is both different and specific. It is for the developer, the hacker, the maker. It is for those wishing to go beyond the buttons - those for whom the atoms moov. This is only the first step, it is our outstretched hand reaching for the wider development community. It will grow, it will improve. And we will be sure to let you know what we’re doing along the way. Please subscribe, please contact us and please tweet or follow for all the latest bits.

The entire Littlstar Team is focused on improving the features you don’t even yet know you need, and we cannot wait to show you that you want them.

Stay excellent,